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Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is considered to be among the best golfers of all time, as well as the best of the modern era. The US star, in his multi-decade career, won 110 professional tournaments, including 15 majors, making him the most successful player in history. He held the number one position on the OWG World Rankings for a total of 683 weeks, 281 of which were consecutive weeks, and is the only golfer to win all four modern-era majors in a single year.

In 2014, he became the first athlete in the world to surpass one billion dollars in earnings from wins and sponsorships. He was later surpassed by Michael Jordan and his net worth is estimated at $1.8 billion as of 2023, making him the second highest paid sportsman ever. In 2019, US President Donald Trump awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States of America.

On May 29, 2017, while in Jupiter, he was first arrested and then released on bail for driving under the influence. Woods later apologized for the incident, saying however that his psychophysical alteration was due to a reaction caused by a mix of medicines prescribed by a doctor, and not to an abuse of alcoholic substances.

The version will later be confirmed by the police, who reveal that the golfer's condition was caused by taking alprazolam, an anti-anxiety drug, along with the various painkillers that Woods is forced to take after back surgery.

On February 23, 2021, he was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles and suffered numerous leg fractures. He returns to competition in April 2022 at the Augusta Masters.

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