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With 4tennis, you will improve your technique quickly thanks to a simple, fun learning structure
Do you not have time to get lessons from a coach? This is for you! You will have a useful tool to improve your tennis: technique, athletics, mental strength, strategy.
Take these lessons with you always. Whether on your mobile phone or tablet, you can read and learn whenever you want!
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It is only with the right information that your tennis can improve significantly!

Why use an online method instead of just going to a coach?

I quickly realized that there is a lot of wasted time when going to a coach (like collecting balls!), and often my mind was focused on other things. I couldn’t grasp and remember the important details of each lesson at the time.

I'll give you a practical example. Imagine going to a coaching session, where the goal of the day is to work on your forehand. GREAT!

The coach will give you an excellent explanation, without a shadow of a doubt! You will be very happy and you think you understand the explanation perfectly, and start your exercises.

The coach will hit the first ball towards you and then… you will hit it the same way you always have!

Of course, you will try and do what the coach taught you, but you will too often find yourself straying back to what you already know and hit the ball in the same old way.

But this is not your fault. It is natural when learning something new. You, me and all human beings act according to the laws of learning.

When you get back home, many of the concepts you learned with your coach will quickly fade from your memory. This is normal too! The problem is that, when you get back on the court, you'll have to start over, or at least refresh your mind for quite some time before you can continue.

The internet is always there for you and is the best teacher in the world!

Here, you can review the lessons as many times as you want. Reread them until they are imprinted on your mind! Remember, visual memory is very important in our sport!

When you return to the court, your coach will be happy to see that you have learned quickly. Not just that, but you have learned a few new things he didn’t even teach you!

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