Tiger Woods, new brand after historic breakup


Tiger Woods, new brand after historic breakup
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The story, very beautiful and lucrative, came to an end on January 8. A little over a month ago, Tiger Woods announced that he was ending his relationship with Nike after 27 years. Behind them, they left a relationship that, in economic terms, brought almost 500 million euros to the American.

In the sporting field, the union marked the birth of golf as a mass sport and a factory for billionaires, a cultural, social and sporting turning point. “27 years ago I was lucky enough to begin a relationship with one of the most iconic brands in the world.

The time that has passed since then has been full of amazing moments and great memories that I could spend an eternity recounting,” the Tiger summed up with emotion.

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After the separation, it was necessary to know the next step.

“People will wonder if there will be another episode. Yes, there certainly will be. See you in Los Angeles! “Tiger added in his statement. The wait came to an end during the early hours of this Tuesday. The American, accompanied by the CEO of TaylorMade, David Abeles, announced in Pacific Palisades (California) his new clothing line, Sun Day Red, associated with the aforementioned brand, but with its own identity.

“Sun Day Red will embody a love for playing and competing and we will be for people who share those values, whether on the golf course or in life,” the golfer explained in a statement about his new skin, which will have a lot of he.

The name, a clear reference to his iconic red polo shirt on Sundays, says it all. The logo, for his part, is a tiger with 15 stripes, one for each of the majors that the American has in his record. During the presentation, the first six pieces of clothing from the line were previewed, which will be released in full on May 1, when it will be available for purchase.

“Today, Sunday Red is more than a superstition. "It is a symbol of Tiger's relentless pursuit of excellence and a testament to his mental strength under the greatest pressures," reads the brand's website, which tries to make those iconic Sundays of glory in the game tangible.

golfer career. “Every seam, every stitch, every fold is sewn with the meticulousness, care and unwavering focus that has defined Tiger Woods' legendary career,” the website adds. With his new skin, Tiger will return to the PGA Tour this week, 312 days after his last official tournament on the North American circuit, last year's Augusta Masters.

As he anticipated in his words after breaking up with Nike, he will be seen in Los Angeles, at the Genesis Invitational, which starts this Thursday. In it, as it is one of the eight designated PGA Tour tournaments, Woods is guaranteed to play all four days (there is no cut).

A new physical test for the American. “I will be able to walk and play. We have been working hard and we have been able to recover. We have been training every day, which is great,” said Tiger after playing the PNC Championship with his son. At 48 years old, he returns with renewed air.

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