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Tennis World USA is part of “Tennis World Network”, the largest Tennis Network in the world, with an overall traffic higher than both ATP and WTA.

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Programmatic Deal

We use a Header Bidding technology that allows us to have several partners that you can use to advertise on our sites, such as
APPNexus , RubiconProject ,  OpenX , PubMatic , IndexExchange, GoogleAds , Google Marketing Platform to name a few.


Direct Deal

If you are a BRAND looking for Italian, German, Spanish and French speaking readers, Tennis World is Partner with Evolution ADV ([email protected]; +3902-66710450);

If you are a BRAND looking for English speaking readers or for other languages readers, Tennis World is Partner with AdApex ([email protected] +1.718.618.9982) and Evolution ADV ([email protected]; +3902-66710450)



If you need any further information, please contact us at [email protected]