Berrettini officially breaks up with his girlfriend and reveals his come back


Berrettini officially breaks up with his girlfriend and reveals his come back
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Matteo Berrettini and his girlfriend Melissa Satta have officially broken up. The announcement came during the online press conference called for today by the Italian, who is ready to return to the court after months of stopping due to physical problems.

"I imagined that the question would come. Melissa and I are no longer together. We have a beautiful relationship, we have great respect for each other. I won't go beyond this because I don't like talking about my private life. I thank you for this beautiful year," revealed the player, who put a definitive point on the story and on all the rumors that have circulated in recent weeks.

According to the Italian weekly Oggi, the showgirl pushed for certainties and dreamed of starting a family with the blue tennis player, Matteo however was not of the same opinion and she did not feel like taking this step.

Hence the decision to end the relationship, a decision which was also influenced by the difficult emotional period of the Italian athlete, in evident difficulty and with considerable mental stress.

The Italian then revealed all the difficulties linked to his physique, making a series of very important revelations.

"He definitely always started from the body, not feeling well physically. I felt tired from overcoming these physical issues, it's like I depleted that energy reservoir. I then found myself at a standstill where I didn't know what to hold on to. They turned me around like a toy pedal, I did a lot of tests to understand.

There are a thousand reasons: perhaps the stress that tennis causes certainly leads to high stress, which however does not justify so many things. There were no incredible deficits but aspects to work on. For example, I have had scoliosis since I was little. We are working a lot on posture, also on rotations, for my abdominal problems. We are working hard, even adding members to the team," declared Berrettini.

Matteo Berrettini will come back in Phoenix and in Miami

The 27-year-old is ready to return to the court in Phoenix before focusing on the ATP Master 1000 in Miami. Berrettini will therefore not compete in the Indian Wells qualifiers, as had been rumored in recent days because he was still registered on the entry list.

The Italian will wait just one more week and will then be as mentioned above at the Challenger 175 in Phoenix, from 12 to 17 March. He will then take part in Florida for the second ATP Masters 1000 of the season, before focusing on clay court tournaments.

"Right now I'm less interested in the ranking. I'm interested in going back to playing matches with top-level players. The most difficult moment? The injury at the US Open and the following months. I felt exhausted on an energy level, it was an effort bigger than me I started from the basics, trying to understand why I like playing tennis, putting order day after day.

Then with Vincenzo Santopadre we decided together that we both needed new stimuli, thanks also to him I will chase my dream of playing the Internationals in the meantime of Rome where I have been missing for two years. My heart hurts just thinking about it. And then I want to lift an important trophy. But this must be built point by point, step by step," he explained.