The most famous driveable par 4 in the world


The most famous driveable par 4 in the world
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Just a stone's throw from Hollywood, nestled in the hills of Los Angeles, lies one of the most exclusive courses in the world: the Riviera Country Club. Hosting the PGA Tour's Genesis Invitational last week, this course has long been a favorite haunt of Hollywood stars.

Among its illustrious past members are Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, and Greta Garbo; today, you might bump into Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, or Mark Wahlberg at a social dinner.

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In this valley dominated by a massive clubhouse, the true star is the golf course designed in 1925 by the legendary architect George C.

Thomas. The 18 holes wind through significant elevation changes and a barranca that comes into play on many occasions. Thomas's design fills the holes with strategic options, as always, and features unique elements like the bunker in the center of the 6th green.

However, the most famous hole on the course is undoubtedly the 10th, a drivable par 4 that showcases the genius of the California architect. The 285 meters of this hole offer players numerous possibilities: from laying up with an iron to leave a full shot to the green, to attacking the flag directly with the first shot.

In any case, the strategy is dictated by the flag position. The green is small and angled, with a strong right-to-left slope. It's protected by a short and a long bunker, and the ideal landing spot to attack the green with the second shot is also guarded by a bunker.

The brilliance of this hole lies in the fact that the green is easily reachable from the tee, but the path to get there is littered with obstacles. Thus, if one tries to aggressively go for the eagle and misses on the wrong side, a double bogey is lurking around the corner even for the best players in the world.

Conversely, with a good layup from the tee on the left side, making birdie is still possible, and for any amateur with a bit of humility, making par is almost easy. The rules of golf are relatively complicated compared to other sports because they are applied outdoors, close to nature and animals.

Respect for the rules is a basic element in the game of golf, which, almost always based on the self-control and free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, consciously at times, but often unconsciously or through carelessness, due to non-compliance on the part of many players of the game rules.

In addition to rules, golf adheres to a code of conduct, known as etiquette, which generally means playing the round with due respect for the golf course and other players. Etiquette is an essential component of this sport.