PGA Tour golfer on the SSG investment: They need to improve one thing on the PGA Tour


PGA Tour golfer on the SSG investment: They need to improve one thing on the PGA Tour
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Callum Tarren spoke to the media about the $3 billion SSG investment. Among PGA Tour fans and golfers, there is immense optimism that this will help the PGA Tour develop and retain key players. The threat from LIV Golf could become a thing of the past after such a deal. However, some skeptics don't understand how such an investment will improve the PGA Tour. One of the questions raised is how this investment will impact the increase in PGA Tour viewership on TV. PGA Tour player Callum Tarren is not satisfied with TV coverage and believes that changes in this aspect are necessary. Tarren emphasizes that the biggest focus is on popular golfers and recalls his own performance.

"I think from a player standpoint, I think how they improve fan engagement for me, the TV coverage for one doesn’t show enough golf," Tarren told Golf Monthly.

"The majority of the time they show a handful of players, which are obviously your top guys, the Schefflers, your Homas, your Tigers. They don’t show the field, and I think that’s a huge part of fan engagement and a fan experience.

There was actually an example, not that I’m directly saying that I should have been on the TV but the US Open at Brookline, I think I had the lead after maybe 22 holes through 35 holes and I was hardly shown on TV."

One of the golfers warned Monahan about this issue.

Jay Monahan
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According to Tarren's statements, this is one of the significant problems facing the PGA Tour. It is necessary to change specific aspects so that other golfers also receive the attention they need.

"We were actually in a player meeting and another player said to commissioner Monahan, ‘There’s a prime example, there’s a guy in this room that was leading the US Open the other week and there was maybe five golf shots shown from him’."

Tarren is an individual with immense love and passion for golf, testifying that many times a golfer playing an outstanding tournament doesn't receive as much attention from TV cameras. He considers this a great problem. However, he is optimistic that SSG will work on this aspect because the goal should be to increase the number of fans and viewership. Regarding the investment, this PGA Tour golfer doesn't know how much impact it will have on the progress of the PGA Tour. It involves a substantial amount of money, and Tarren still doesn't know how SSG will recoup any of that back. Still, he believes that those are individuals who understand business and prefers not to go deeper into that topic.

Callum Tarren has high expectations for the future of the PGA Tour

Callum expresses hope regarding the potential positive outcomes of recent investments in the PGA Tour, emphasizing potential benefits for both the tour and the wider golfing community.  Leaders of the PGA Tour have encountered vital challenges in the past year and several months. This investment was desperately needed for them. The threat posed by the LIV was one of the reasons why PGA Tour leaders had to find the best solution.

Tarren reflects on the intriguing developments, particularly the framework agreement with the PIF announced during the middle of the last season. Tarren notes the limited knowledge available, with only a select few players being privy to ongoing details.

Callum thinks the deal with SSG is good for the PGA Tour, highlighting the big investment. He pointed out that right now, there's not much info about where the tour is headed in the future.

This great golfer underscores the importance of strategic decision-making, emphasizing the necessity to utilize the financial support to improve the overall golfing experience for both players and fans. He knows that making this happen will need a lot of hard work and many talks.

Tarren believes good things will happen for golf in the future, not just in the PGA Tour but everywhere. Even though we're not sure when these improvements will happen, whether in 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, or even 10 years, Tarren is hopeful that the investments will make the sport better. Observing the money invested and the willingness of SSG executives to improve the PGA Tour, optimism must exist.

In modern times, it's hard to achieve your goal without specific investments. PGA Tour needed a partner like SSG. Investing such a large sum of money means only one thing: SSG has big plans for the PGA Tour and their collaboration. Of course, their goal is to make a profit, but at the same time, they aim to help the PGA Tour make a profit and improve the game. Collaborating is crucial.

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