Smart Lindsey Vonn rips Djokovic's fans who insulted her for calling Federer the GOAT


Smart Lindsey Vonn rips Djokovic's fans who insulted her for calling Federer the GOAT
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Lindsey Vonn, legendary American ski champion who retired in 2019, is a tennis enthusiast and big fan of Roger Federer. Lindsey has always expressed her respect for Swiss Maestro and in the last few days she was able to ski with him, making a dream come true.

The two spent a day together on the ski slopes, as evidenced by many images and videos shared on social media. Vonn accompanied her post with a message of esteem towards the 20-time Slam champion, expressing her opinion on the GOAT issue.

Vonn believes Federer's impact on tennis cannot be measured by numbers alone.

Describing her emotions following the moments she experienced on Saturday together with the former tennis legend, the American declared that Federer was the embodiment of a true champion, writing that for her he will remain the GOAT forever.

"Usually the people you admire always disappoint you in one way or another, but not Roger. Rog is the embodiment of a true sportsman and a champion in every sense. We've talked about skiing together for so long I wasn't sure it would happen....

But here we are: retired, skiing and enjoying life! Thanks for this memory Rog. You and your family are truly unique and no matter what the statistics say (or Leo lol) you are the GOAT forever because it takes so much more than numbers to have the kind of impact you have, I am just one of millions. Greetings my friend."

A post - as we told you yesterday in the article that you can read by clicking here - which created a media storm, between Federer and Novak Djokovic fans.

Nole's fans have criticized the American for calling Federer the GOAT, despite the Swiss Maestro having won fewer Slams than the Serb and despite the records Djokovic is achieving.

All these criticisms would have pushed Lindsey to rewrite her post, reshaping it by writing only: "Finally I was able to ski with my friend Roger Federer. Beautiful memories."

Lindsey, in subsequent posts, clarified her (very right!) point of view. Because obviously, as unfortunately happens too often on social media, many users have used offensive words and comments towards the beautiful and very strong former skier, showing once again why certain individuals (call them haters, call them whatever you want) should not be allowed to use social media.

Replying to a post from the @Olly_Tennis_ account, Vonn once again expressed her thoughts very clearly.

"The fact Lindsey had to delete this post it's a shame, because Nadal, Djokovic and Federer have given the sport so much, and all 3 of them would be disgusted at some of the language used to defend them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having a favorite player, go for it, post about them constantly. BUT never use personal insults as an attempt to prop them up. It's like to say: I like Waffles. And someone else answered: SO YOU DON'T LIKE PANCAKES?!" wrote the @Olly_Tennis_ account, defending the words expressed by Lindsey Vonn.

The former legendary American skier answered, amused: "Exactly. All 3 of them would be ashamed at what's being said. But I do like pancakes!"

And in the meantime, Federer enjoys his role as father and husband

Roger Federer holding hands and in tears with his long-time rival Rafael Nadal after the last match played at the 2022 Laver Cup. Over 500 days have passed since that iconic moment, which will forever remain engraved in the history of tennis.

The Swiss Maestro kept his promise and still remained in close contact with tennis. Federer is in fact involved, together with agent Tony Godsick, in the promotion and organization of the Laver Cup, a team event designed to pay homage to Rod Laver. The tournament will take place from 20 to 22 September this year at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

Talking about his life after tennis in an interview with Süddeutsche Zeitung, Federer admitted: "I find my life after retirement fantastic. For the last three weekends I have been on the ski slopes and playing tennis with my wife Mirka, she has a lot of right. I try to be a good father. It's not always easy, especially with 14 year old girls. They have a mind of their own right now.

We are a close-knit family who loves spending time together, but we also need to let the girls have their own experiences. In the family my role is the motivator. Sometimes I finish a speech and think to myself: Wow, what beautiful words, Roger! Five minutes later nothing I said was done. That's fine. I will keep him in mind as a father!"