Amy Boulden, OnlyFans in the world of golf


Amy Boulden, OnlyFans in the world of golf
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OnlyFans takes another step into the world of golf as Welsh pro Amy Boulden signs a deal with the multimedia platform for the 2024 season. Prior to her, only one English professional, Liam O'Neill, had done so. Amy Boulden will compete on the Ladies European Tour sporting the OnlyFans logo on her polo shirt.

The agreement primarily involves sharing content related to her golfing journey on the platform. A professional since 2014, Amy Boulden has secured one victory in 132 starts on the Ladies European Tour (the Swiss Ladies Open 2020) and has achieved nine top-ten finishes.

She currently ranks 902nd in the World Ranking.

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The thirty-year-old Welshwoman will share insights and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the tour, as well as moments from her professional life, online. This includes practice sessions, swing improvement tips, and approach advice.

Subject to the rights already sold by the Tour for TV and internet coverage, Amy also pledges to post videos filmed during LET events. "Collaborating with OnlyFans," she explained after the partnership announcement, "gives me the opportunity to connect directly with fans.

Now I can take them with me around the world. The platform is revolutionizing how we all use social media. Launching my page now feels like a natural progression in my career. With the continued growth of women's golf's popularity, OnlyFans seems like the perfect platform to further showcase our sport." Golf, through Boulden and O'Neill, is one of the first sports embraced by this social media platform.

There are already pages dedicated to boxing, tennis, mountain biking, rally driving, and wrestling. What is OnlyFans? For those who may not be familiar, OnlyFans is a rapidly growing social media platform in recent years.

Online since 2016, its uniqueness lies in the simplicity with which users can monetize their content. OnlyFans allows users to upload exclusive content that can only be viewed by those who subscribe (usually on a monthly basis).

This business model has opened up new opportunities for everyone, from emerging artists to stay-at-home parents. And it doesn't stop there: in addition to standard subscriber-only content, there are also extra content options.

This means that those who give one or more tips (bonuses or tips) can access even more exclusive content. Recruiting famous personalities serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it broadens the audience to new markets (in this case, golf enthusiasts), and on the other hand, it helps clean up the platform's image.

OnlyFans has long been associated with adult content. Not surprisingly, the platform has faced criticism for alleged violations of pornography regulations and for how it moderates content.