Jack Draper vomits on the court: Melbourne heatwave is a risk

The Briton is the second tennis player at the Australian Open to face this discomfort


Jack Draper vomits on the court: Melbourne heatwave is a risk
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Another episode of vomiting on the court, after what happened to Constant Lestienne. The excessive heat wave recorded in Melbourne even made Jack Draper vomit. The British tennis player won the 3 hour and 20 minute battle against Marcos Giron with the score of 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 0-6, 2-6. A match that had repercussions on his body, so much so that it led him to vomit at the end of the match.

At the end of the match, Draper tried to shake his opponent's hand as quickly as possible, also urging him through some gestures to get closer to the net, and then reach the basket behind him and vomit.

The images went around the web and opened the debate on the prohibitive playing conditions in the first matches scheduled at the Australian Open.

"It was strange. Obviously I played such a long point, maybe it was some kind of reaction to the fact that I had gone over the limit. I don't know. I felt guilty, because obviously I had just beaten Marcos and I was telling him to hurry up the times for the handshake. But I absolutely had to get to the bin! It doesn't happen to me often, today I had this reaction," explained Draper at the press conference.

"When you are very stressed, especially in such hot conditions, it can happen. I felt my chest tighten, my back hurt and I couldn't stand up. These are the effects of stress," he added. Draper will challenge Tommy Paul in the second round, an opponent he defeated last week in Adelaide.‚Äč

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What happened to Lestienne

Constant Lestienne stopped in a change of court, at 4-6, 4-5, and collapsed to the ground. The 31-year-old was starting to feel unwell, so much so that he vomited into a bin located near him. An ugly scene starring the French tennis player, who suffered quite a bit from the high temperatures and the effort to try to keep up with the Iberian.

Despite the difficulties, Lestienne managed to resume and finish the match: the 24-year-old however prevailed in three sets, winning the second 6-4 and the third set with a score of 7-5. Another round on favorable paper now awaits Davidovich, who will be engaged against the Portuguese Nuno Borges.

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