G4D Tour arrives in Africa for the first time


G4D Tour arrives in Africa for the first time
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Tommaso Perrino, number six in the world, takes part in the G4D Tour @ Magical Kenya Open, the third seasonal event of the G4D Tour, the circuit reserved for disabled players and promoted by the DP World Tour with the aim of increasingly highlighting the inclusiveness of golf.

The first competition to be played in Africa is scheduled for 19-20 February on the Muthaiga Golf Club course, in Nairobi, Kenya, and precedes the Magical Kenya Open, a DP World Tour tournament (22-25 February, same course).

G4D Tour, results

It is the third season of the G4D Tour in which some important innovations have been introduced: in fact, competitions are held in which players from the World Ranking for Golfers with a Disability (WR4GD) in the Gross category and others reserved for athletes in the NET category take part, as well as to the presence of women in the field at every event.

Innovations that tend to offer additional opportunities to golfers with a broader spectrum of disabilities. The second Gross event is being played in Kenya, after the opening in December in Australia, while in January the best NETs made their debut in the G4D Tour @ Ras Al Khaimah Championship including the Italian Paralympians Riccardo Bianciardi, Angelo Colussi and Luisa Ceola.

In Nairobi, eight of the top ten of the WR4GD will be on the field, starting with the Englishman Kipp Popert, number one and absolute dominator of the scene, who will aim to capture his eighth title on the circuit. In addition to Perrino (fifth in Australia), the Irishman Brendan Lawlor (n.

2), the American Chris Biggins (n. 3), the Spanish Juan Postigo Arce (n. 4), the Canadian Kurtis Barkley (n. no. 5), the Englishman Mike Browne (no. 7) and the Australian Lachlan Wood (no. 10), the first winner of the season in the Australian All Abilities Championship.

Two women, both Dutch: Daphne Van Houten, the best player in the WR4GD who has already had experience on the circuit by participating in three tournaments in 2022, and Marcella Neggers, number four.